The next economy

It's tough to get a good read on the next economy that's emerging from our current global recession. I'm here to help. So much is changing, it's difficult to make out what's a blip on the radar and what's a significant trend. There are no easy answers or foregone conclusions to call upon. There are better questions to be asking and innovative alternatives to be considering. This next series of posts will share how I'm getting a read on the changing economy that puts my mind at ease.

When we're faced with any crisis, it's easy to get caught up in it and lose our perspective. Crises tempt us to become agitated and apprehensive. We don't see any alternative but to freak out and over-react. We lose our head and make problems for ourselves and others. We derail our inherent ability to respond resourcefully and develop robust solutions.

When the US Air flight from La Guardia lost both it's engines, the pilot got a very good read on the crisis. The cockpit crew saw how to land the plane in the Hudson River that resulted in no fatalities or serious injuries. My sister knew the Captain, C. B. Sullenberger, when he flew for Continental Airlines three decades ago. He's always had a reputation as a "good stick" who has a great feel for how to handle an aircraft without relying on the avionics. He's got the right stuff to keep his cool and have that effect his cockpit crew when others could easily panic. He's since taught so many other pilots the nuances of crises, his on familiar ground when all hell is breaking loose. He can keep a clear mind because he's cultivated his grasp of staggering uncertainties.

In times like these, we all need our minds to function like Captain Sully's does. We need to get a good read on the next economy and how to become part of it. We ought to realize, as soon as possible, how to be part of the solution and drop out of feeding the problems. We need to be asking different questions, applying different distinctions and considering different scenarios.

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