Speaking the language of luggage

Emotional baggage not only thinks differently, it learns from different approaches. It gets nothing out of words spoken or written. Yet it's a very fast learner with a great memory when the message gets conveyed on its terms. Here's some of the ways our baggage picks up on what's going down:

  • Our baggage gets the point when its given convincing evidence. It learns from irrefutable proof of its own or others' safety, success, control or power in a situation. It assumes talk is cheap, useless, deceitful and misleading. It's made a believer when others act like their actions speak louder than their words. It pays to walk our talk and be a living example of what we're saying when we're trying to make an impression on anyone's baggage.
  • Our baggage can learn from its own mistakes. Its constant predictions about what will happen next get revised when they are proven wrong, exaggerated or over-simplified. The baggage needs to be right and adjusts it's model of danger and opportunities whenever it's shown to not be right. It's quick to stop looking like an idiot, lost sheep or easy prey for some predator.
  • Our baggage needs a clear picture of what to expect. It can get the message from stained glass windows, picture books, movies, and simulations. Our baggage is very big on symbols, icons, totems and bling. It gets a good feeling when the trappings of power, control, superiority, advantage and protection are on display. It relies on a show of agreement, conformity and commonalty to show up and show off in ways that handles the dangers and opportunities in the right way.
  • Our baggage learns from what happens like it's some kind of zero sum game to take advantage of. It plays "winner takes all" by beating the odds, finding the loopholes and fixing things for the next round. It's wary of getting tricked, misled, ambushed or deceived. It's on the lookout for easy outs, gimmes and hiding places. It wants an unfair advantage while disregarding others wanting the same things.

Our baggage cannot learn from sitting in classrooms, reading text or listening to lectures. It needs action to learn from. It needs to make mistakes to upgrade its own positions. It needs to express itself to see what happens next. It needs what happens when educators think nothing useful is occurring.

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