Fighting the good fight

Journalism 1.0 fought battles every day to defeat forces of deception, cover-up, and misrepresentation. Anytime the truth was uncovered, a moral victory was won. Journalism 1.0 wants to keep fighting and winning these battles to get the facts straight and the public accurately informed. It's evident that the enemy is still there to be battled against. If anything, there are more deceptions, cover-ups, and misrepresentations occurring in our world of pervasive connectivity.

While the battles rage on, what has changed is the scarcity of information. The public is getting the facts straight and even better informed without newsprint. Information has become abundant and increasingly free for the taking. Liberated from the confines of ink on paper, information has become searchable, taggable, forwardable and mashable. It's no wonder the public is finding out whatever they want to know sooner, more selectively and with greater depth than newspapers can deliver.

Journalism 1.0 can only assume they are losing a moral fight The forces of deception, cover-up, and misrepresentation must be winning. They don't see a way to stop fighting the battle they have always been admired, valued and paid for pursuing. The advent of ubiquitous information has not changed the need for hard-won moral victories. Journalism 2.0 makes no sense to their value constructs, priorities and professional standards. They can only continue to fight the good fight.

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