My best year of blogging yet!

Thanks to all you subscribers, bloggers and readers, 2009 broke all records for visits to this blog. Here's some of the highlights from my year end Google Analytics Reports for growing changing learning creating

  • Total Number of your Page Views: 25,552
  • Total Number of your Visits: 16,662
  • Total Number of you as Unique Visitors: 13,330

The 16,662 of your visits came from 140 countries/territories including:
  • USA 8,859
  • Great Britain 1,195
  • Canada 1,171
  • Australia 850
  • Philippines 628
  • India 423
  • New Zealand 319
  • Japan 268
  • Germany 190
  • Singapore 155

You found this blog via:
  • Direct connections  2,176 (13.06%)
  • Referring Sites 4,181 (25.09%) Thanks for the links!
  • Search Engines 10,017 (60.12%) Thanks for searching!

You read 854 different pages I have written including:

Thanks for a great 2009! Lets have another breakthrough together in 2010!!


  1. Tom,

    Just found your site through my Alltop careers feed. You've got some great work here! I'll have to do some catching up on your posts. We've got several interests in common, it looks like. My site:

    I'm going to link to your site when I create my links/resources pages.

  2. Steve, I'm glad you followed the link from Alltop and like what you're finding here. I've looked through your blog and LinkedIn profile. We do indeed have several interests in common.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Kia ora e Tom!

    I am pleased to have contributed to your best year blogging yet. I wish you all the best to continue with your successful path. It has been enjoyable following it.

    Catchya later

  4. Thanks, Ken, for all the page views, comments, links on your blog - and this comment especially!!