Network - Theorizing Knowledge Work

Yesterday I finished reading Clay Spinuzzi's latest book: Network - Theorizing Knowledge Work in Telecommunications. Last night I brainstormed insights I gleaned from the book that I want to explore further here. I usually get between six and ten ideas from a good book. My list from reading Clay's book has 21 items on it. What a treasure trove of inspirations I've found!

I learned of Clay's work a few weeks back from an email that pointed out his review of The Firm as a Collaborative Community. I had written seven blog posts last year on my comprehensive review of that book. As I explored Clay's blog archive, I discovered he values David Ronfeldt's TIMN and Netwar models that I've explored here. He's been reflecting deeply on Bruno Latour's and John Law's: Actor Network Theory which I've read two books about so far. His research for the book delved in a phone service provider that reminded me of some of my management consulting circa 1988, shortly after the breakup of the Bell System. Clay is thinking rhetoric is changing as the explosion of connectivity impacts work styles and forms of organization. The reviews of his book on Amazon celebrate his search for common ground between Activity Theory and Actor Network Theory. All that clarified my interest in reading his book. I was not disappointed.

As the diagram shows, I've been anticipating many different overlaps between Actor Network Theory (ANT) and my many interests. Clay's extensive reading, combined with his rhetorical skills has made ANT far more accessible than it seemed to me last year. His book is functioning as an intermediary in my pursuit of making more connections to ANT. It can be said that ANT has been transformed in my experience and I've been changed too. I had previously been defined as someone who has difficulty grasping ANT in spite of my anticipation of it's applicability. I am now defined as someone who has more access to ANT's insights. As I continue to translate ANT and Clay's own insights into my pursuits, both ANT and Clay will become more real. Stay tuned.

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