The economy I want

To wrap up this latest series on the next economy, I'm revealing the next economy I'm anticipating with enthusiasm and optimism. This envisions the end game without the middle game to get there. I'm seeing signs that the transition is well underway and does not need to orchestrated, only anticipated.

  1. I foresee a massive reduction in consumer spending which will shrink domestic economies dramatically. This reduction will fall into place as people become less materialistic, less satisfied with shopping experiences and less addicted to extrinsic rewards.
  2. I suspect that neighborhoods will evolve along the same lines as the recent wonderful upgrades in homeschooling. There will be fewer isolated efforts and more collaborations. This will reduce the need for duplicate appliances, tools, backup supplies, even vehicles.
  3. I expect a new balance to be found between private, public and social production. This will reduce the profitability and size of private producers, the tax revenue and size of public producers. It will replace much of what is done for paychecks with volunteer efforts that the contributors find intrinsically rewarding.
  4. I foresee more of us picking up the slack for corporations and government agencies. We'll do for the big institutions what they cannot do for themselves by our being close to their embarrassing problems and capable of serving one individual at a time.
  5. I expect life long learning will become the norm as changes in lifestyles, food production, education, and social services. There will always be much more to explore as we seek to become competent and effective in our new ways of contributing and participating.
  6. I suspect that job sharing will become commonplace as individuals will seek enough paycheck income to maintain their homes, but want most of their time to be discretionary.
  7. Rather than go off the deep end of government supplied free housing and transportation, I expect we will work out a better balance between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. We'll see how to juggle what we love to do with a little daily grind on the side.

All these changes are already showing up. In a little more time, it will become obvious how to get on board, lend a hand and move situations in these directions.

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