Unlocking this testing thing

When we're in a Bad Place, tests get done unto us. We don't have a Power Game in play. We play the part of a victim in a persecution drama. We feel powerless because we don't have any say about when the test occurs or how much it covers. We suffer from test or performance anxiety which incapacitates our recall and resourcefulness under pressure. The test usually comes at a bad time and occasionally at the worst time possible. We think we are learning the material getting covered by showing up when it's gone over in class or reading assignments.

When we get to a Better Place, we own the tests. We've jump started our own Power Game. We either anxious or eager to find out how much we know, how well we know it and how we perform under pressure. We control how much and how well we prepare to get tested. The testing continues to be locked. We don't have a say about when the test occurs or how much it covers. We handle our anxiety by preparation, stress management and sufficient sleep. We think we're learning from our investment in comprehension and practice of the ideas and procedures getting delivered.

When we get to a Good Place, this testing thing gets unlocked. It's up to us whether we frame an exam as practice test or elimination round. It's our call whether we use the feedback from the test results to improve our strategy or assume we cannot do better. We enter the next level of our Power Game where we influence our context to appear on our side and in our corner. We see ways to help others do better than help ourselves reciprocally. We think we're learning from how we change before and after the test.

When we get to a Great Place, we test ourselves everyday. We pose challenges and discover how we respond to them. We continually explore what we're capable of, how good we seem to be initially and how we can improve over time. We realize our own shortcomings and assets as those challenges stretch us beyond our familiar routines and habits. We think we're learning from anything that tests us which gives us incentives to test ourselves often.

This has been an open-book, practice test of:

  1. your reading comprehension of all these words
  2. where you're at currently with tests and getting tested
  3. how you expect learning to happen for yourself
  4. what's next for you, your Power Game and progress toward unlocking this testing thing

How you'd do?

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