Welcome to the foreground

Welcome to the foreground of life. It's very different here from the background of life. To help you get oriented here, I'll walk you through many of the differences between the foreground and background.

In the background, there is no concept of "foreground and background". The objective world remains all there is to experience. There is no objective evidence for a foreground that could possibly differ from all there obviously is to see, measure and control. In the foreground, it's obvious there is a foreground and background. There is much more to experience besides persistent objects and tangible evidence.

In the background, our human emotions prove to be problematic. They interfere with what we're forcing ourselves to do to make enough money, to seem reliable to others and to build our pretentious reputations. We're plagued there by unwanted feelings, moods and outbursts which we attempt to suppress by keeping busy, talking ourselves out of our emotions and manipulating our moods unwisely. In the foreground, our emotions provide the motive power to make a difference here. Our emotions are respected as our intrinsic motivation, personal passion and boundless energy. When we get emotional, we become more creative, responsive and effective.

In the background, space refers to distance to cover and the travel time to get to another physical location. There's a sense of having enough space to contain lots of physical objects and closer proximity of a location. In the foreground, there are many spaces to go to in our minds, outlooks and ways of seeing the world. We often discover we can be very helpful to others and to express ourselves in more valuable ways when the right kind of spaciousness appears subjectively. We encounter spaces in between the processes which engage us up to a stopping point.

In the background, there's no escaping being part of the problem. We inadvertently make problems worse by trying to solve them with the consensual, objective point of view. There's no basis for making a different diagnosis or getting a problem to vanish on its own. In the foreground, there are processes where problems had been observed. There are many ways to cooperate with what's going on to nurture its evolution into an even better solution, a different strategy or more inclusive approach.

In the background, everything seems pretty straightforward. We can make things happen and achieve intended results with enough effort, expense and dedication.  We can explain what happens with causal arrows and sequential procedures that lead to predictable outcomes. In the foreground, everything participates in cycles, recursion and iterative processes. There's a need to walk the elusive fine line rather than simply barge ahead with some single-minded conviction. There's much to be learned from what comes back around or gets no response as if feedback for our conduct abounds.

In the background, analysts rely on disconnected dashboards while thinking the precise metrics they're monitoring are reliably accurate. The disconnection with the foreground is nowhere to be found in the voluminous objective evidence. It's inconceivable there how measuring could either create the data or cause downturns in what is being measured. In the foreground, complex interdependencies undermine the concept of "objective data". Evidence seems more like fleeting impressions, welcomed clues and possible indicators of changing phenomena.

In the background, the abundance of persistent objects says it all. So much of life is comprised of things that remain the same, that they define what life is about. With so much that supports the illusion of real things, we're inclined to make something of nothing. In the background, we allow nothing to be nothing. We're no longer captivated by persistent objects amidst the amazing flux of processes and spaciousness available for our enjoyment and exploration.

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