Identity and activity issues

When our identity issues get handled adequately, we can make efforts which are congruent with who we think we are. We feel like respectable human beings who are doing what is needed at the moment. When our identity issues are unresolved or decided against us, we cannot make the required effort or find anything to do that resolves our identity issues. We feel like a machine, puppet or pawn in a system of persecution.

If we internalize the toxic messages of an education system designed for dropping out, our identity will take a major hit. We'll operate under the impression that we are:

  1. unworthy of respect from admirable adults
  2. incapable of facing challenges or getting sufficiently organized
  3. unrecognizable as unique somebody with valuable contributions to make
  4. unfavorably compared to others who are not as defective as we have become

This narrative of a flawed human being drives us to alter our miserable moods with excessive frenzy, consumption and/or socializing. We persist in being too busy to rethink our identity which seems like a curse, not one of several options. We generalize the toxic messages from the education system that told us we don't belong in the world of success, satisfaction and impressive results.

Our identity issues get resolved largely by getting mentored and serving as a mentor to others. We discover who we might be that differs from those putdowns we've internalized. We foresee the possibility of self respect, self expression and self fulfillment. We open the door to becoming less self absorbed, selfish and needy. We step into the light of making differences in the world that needs our help in seeing what we see, doing what we can do and achieving what we can accomplish. We become a respectable human being that gets admirable things done.

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