Be the mountain you already are

Finding home base in our minds is a very different process from the frenzy of getting on base, stealing another base or running the bases. When we find home plate in our minds, we can stop trying to get somewhere. The running is done. We've come home.

Home base has been compared to a mountain. Not finding home resembles a frantic monkey. The monkey does not learn to be still from the mountain's example. All its scampering on the surface the mountain makes no impression on the monkey's urge to flit about. There's no way for the monkey to succeed if it tries to be still, serene and solid like the mountain.  A monkey can only be monkey-like unless rigor mortis sets in.

Mountains don't try to be still, they are serene by their nature. When our minds are still, we're home free. Mountains don't get agitated by monkeys scampering around. Mountains are simply present amidst all the fuss and fury. Mountains can only be mountain-like unless a volcano erupts from its core like some frantic monkey bursting with chatter.

Home base is mountain-like by its very nature. There's no trying to be at peace or becoming still. At home in our minds is no change in our monkey minds, only a discovery of an unperturbed state of mind. We simply observe our monkey minds from an immovable place.


  1. Hi Tom, feels like a long time since last commented, I hope you are well, your posts are thoughtful as ever. I just followed a link which came to here - this post reminded me of a martial arts pattern:

    Taeguek Chil Jang – Symbolizes Mountain
    “A mountain is stable and cannot be moved. This form teaches us to move only when it is necessary to move – and then move rapidly – and stop suddenly and solidly, standing like a rock. It teaches commitment to motion and to immobility, for one must not waver. ”
    Courtesy of http://www.

    Home base sounds very interesting and I look forward to exploring all the rest of the series

    Wishing you all the very best, take care

  2. Thanks for adding a wonderful comment here, Nicola. Hope you're doing well too.