More creativity in your presence

If you're learning from this, you're being creative. Making sense of new information is creating links, frameworks or containers in your own mind. You may have been given this information, but you are fabricating how it ties it into to your own network of memorable experiences.

If you wonder where creative ideas and inspired actions come from, you're being creative. With a picture of being open to receive what comes to you, you are in a frame of mind to get more creative. More experiences of vast possibilities and "freedom right now" will fall into place.

If you're thinking this experience is like something else, you're being creative. It will occur to you to use a metaphor to describe this. You will compare how this happens to other processes and see parallels between different ways this functions for you.

If you see learning happening to you, you're being creative. When you notice how insights dawn on your mind or come as sudden realizations, you'll experience this more often. You'll stop trying so hard to learn something and simply let it occur to you.

If you're feeling fluid, you're being creative. You will see others providing openings to pour yourself into. You will get more ways to express yourself, respond to others and share your gifts for other's benefit.

If you're moved by what shows up in your world, you're being creative. You will observe synchronicities that are showing you what's missing, overlooked or excluded by you. You'll receive better ideas, questions and hypotheses to explore when you're idle, daydreaming or awakening from sleep.

If you're grateful for what you're given to say, see and think about, you're being creative. You will find yourself basking in the flow of happenstance. One good thing after another will occur to you easily.

When you are being creative like this, others will become creative too. You will be affecting learners to learn more informally by amplifying their creative resources to freely explore, relate, discover and collaborate.


  1. This is a useful reflection on how our sense of creativity is often at work (and at play) even when we don't realize it.

    The more creative we are, the more open we are to our own creativity, the more we open other people up to creativity as well. Creativity grows more creativity. It's a great and awesome gift.

  2. Doug: Thanks for your delightful reflections on what I wrote this morning.