Finding our inner teachers

One of the many benefits of mentoring a few people in person -- is how much I'm learning about the apparent difficulties in changing to more effective approaches. Finding an inner teacher does not happen easily when we are out of sorts with ourselves or with others. We find our inner teachers when we feel differently about ourselves and our situations.

  • When we already know what's what and what to do about it, we feel we don't need an inner teacher to tell us anything. When we feel we don't know what this is or what to do about it, we feel how comforting it will be to receive some inner guidance.
  • When we're afraid to find out how we're mistaken, misguided or misreading the situation, we just say "no" to our inner teacher. When we're willing to be shown a different interpretation, definition or diagnosis, we welcome our inner teachers' inputs.
  • When we're an old hand at what we're doing and already know the drill, we make it clear that no inner teacher is called for. When we're discovering our routines are doing more harm than good, wondering how to rethink our approach invites collaborations with our inner teachers.
  • When we're pointing fingers at others for making us unhappy and laying the blame at their feet for doing us wrong, our inner teachers turn their backs on us. When we consider how to take responsibility for creating our unhappiness, our inner teachers start drawing diagrams on our inner whiteboards.
  • When our minds our stormy with torment, anxieties and guilt trips, we drown out any quiet mention of freedom right now from our inner teachers. When our minds are calm seas for clear sailing, our ships come in loaded with inspiring cargo from our inner teachers.
  • When we choose to take one side of the issue, resist the resistance and oppose the opposition, our inner teachers figure now is not the time for a lesson. When we choose to see all sides and many combinations viewpoints, our inner teachers join the team.
  • When we are being objective and figuring out the evidence in no relation to ourselves, our inner teachers go on break. When we're being subjective and exploring how the evidence reflects something about us, answers a question we've had or reveals something more to explore, our inner teachers are rocking our worlds.
In short, when we are facing something familiar, forget getting help within. Whenever facing a fascinating mystery, count on receiving the right amount, kind and timing of attention from within.

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