Conflicts with collaborative endeavors

The model I've been developing for the past month has evolved into three phases. There are conflicts with collaborative endeavors before they get started, in the midst of getting underway and once fully established. Each presents a unique set of challenges for those striving to keep the collaborations from falling apart and fading away. 
  1. Getting started: Those who will be collaborating have much to gain by abandoning their isolated or competing efforts. At the same time, those not directly involved get threatened with significant losses from the introduction of collaborative endeavors in their midst. 
  2. Getting fully underway: Collaborative endeavors can get caught in a limbo state between past and future practices. There are habits to be broken, tasks to be revised, routines to be reorganized and patterns to get introduced. It will often seem easier to go back to business as usual rather than maintain the strain of new practices. It takes participants being on the lookout for that limbo state to resolve the dilemmas posed by past before they induce stagnation.
  3. Getting back on track: A successful series of collaborative endeavors can be derailed by individuals regressing back to authoritative or argumentative behavior patterns. A culture of success can make those on the margins feel excluded, inferior or inadequate to participate fully. They may seek to get attention or get even for not feeling understood, accepted and included. 
In exploring different audiences that could benefit from this model, I've settled on the target population for my forthcoming peer learning enterprise. The educating by those participants are collaborative endeavors which are vulnerable to debilitating conflicts. The peers need this model presented as a troubleshooting guide to watch for warning signs, to nip problems in the bud and to discover ways to prevent future breakdowns.  That's the approach I'm taking to my full length presentation of this model.

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