The hidden trouble with classrooms

The use of classrooms (or lecture halls) requires everyone enrolled to show up at the same time. This sends a message to everyone: "don't have a life of your own" or "get penalized if you have a life". It presumes that everyone will have a job after schooling that sends the same message, so the use of classrooms is good preparation for later paycheck prisons.

Instead of having a life, enrollees get to have chronic stress instead. Obviously this interferes with learning, motivation and retention. It messes up any use of time out of classrooms for reflective practices which might find uses, connections or personal meaning in what was taught. The stress weakens their immune system functions which makes one vulnerable to contagious diseases both inside and outside the classroom. Combine that effect with everyone who is stressed by getting penalized for having a life, and classrooms become viral incubators which sicken the majority of enrollment.

Meanwhile the life that is neglected, or pursued in spite of penalties, suffers greatly. This may include caring for children or elders, employment obligations, friendships and dating, vehicle maintenance, living space upkeep and more. The neglect or mishandling of these facets of "having a life" fuels the increased stress and compromised immune system.

The "bad" decision to rely on classrooms (or other synchronous encounters) for learning may be an example of slipping into every one of the seven pitfalls I explored yesterday. Looking at the use the classroom through the lens of "making decisions comprehensively" shows us that the most likely future will be more of the same bad decisions. The trouble will be ignored, dismissed or disputed by the wicked combination of irrational urges to persist with toxic practices and the delusional rationalizations to justify making no changes. The only hope I see is for the enrollment to make better decisions about learning what they really need to know right now while having a life. The problems they experience with learning and staying healthy will vanish with the hidden troubles with classrooms.

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