Learning like a healthy forest

Forests in Costa Rica are much better learners than forests in Hawaii. Costa Rica is constantly invaded by predators and parasites because it's a land bridge. Hawaii is isolated and devastated by the occasional exotic species making it ashore. As James F. Moore explained in The Death of Competition:

Overall the ecosystems of Costa Rica are much more robust and resilient than their Hawaiian counterparts. Unlike Hawaii's fragile ecosystems, Costa Rica's are notably resistant to disturbances ... (and) better able to restore themselves after an attack. (p. 23)

Biologists have suggested that most mutualisms in nature evolve from antagonistic relationships. .. An important lesson, then, is to create and promote mutualisms. (p. 46)
Costa Rica has developed more ways to grow, learn, change and create because it's ecologies are constantly under siege. The forests are immersed in a "World of Warcraft". The ecosystems are forming mutualisms from the antagonisms. Positional stances evolve into synergies and symbiotic relationships. Enemies become collaborators that realize the best of both intentions. Invaders join the community.

Forty years ago, George Leonard saw schools functioning like the vulnerable forests in Hawaii: keeping out contradictions and defending against incompatible invaders. He promoted the value of a "Rogue as Teacher" in his classic: Education and Ecstasy.

In these endeavors, men are sometimes freed to burst through the restraining barriers of Civilized living and become free-roving hunters again, going "beyond themselves" performing feats of endurance, skill, and clairvoyance they had no reason to anticipate. (p. 91)

Brent sees the same value today of immersion in adversity, forming mutualisms, getting taught by rogues -- in his recommnedation of David Shaffer's book and his post Learning2.0 is Web2.0 + Gaming:

Battlefield management is stressful and you often find yourself taking on a role as guardian of a location while your teammates are running off to battle over securing the next location. This can seem boring until you become assaulted by a pack of 2 or 3 characters from the other team. You battle valiantly while IMing for help. Others on your team abandon their posts to come to your aid. are you must wait 20 seconds in the graveyard before resurrection and you can get back into the fight.

How have you learned like a Costa Rican forest today?

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