The laptop and the server farm

Our minds function with a small, rechargeable conscious and a vast, 24/7 unconscious. The conscious mind is a a laptop with Internet connectivity. It recharges when it sleeps and burns up lots of glucose when functioning. The unconscious mind is like the server farm for, or The unconscious operates nonstop with access to huge amounts of useful, accessible information.

Most conscious minds rarely access the unconscious mind for solutions, inspirations, and intuitions. They are like laptops that search their hard drive, but do not go online to search the Web. The unconscious mind can guide us into perfect timing so we are in the right place with the right idea in mind to make the right difference. If we ask, we can receive what we need to know, learn what we need to do next and change what we need to upgrade.

Our conscious minds have a protocol for logging into the unconscious, just like a laptop has protocols for dial-up, LAN and Wifi connectivity. Our minds remain offline when they are thinking. The CPU is preoccupied and cannot access the internal web. We connect to our vast unconsciousness when we get to the point where there is "no more thinking required".

Here's some login protocols to access your unconscious and initiate an online search in your mind:

  • I know this much about each alternative but I don't know which to choose
  • I understand the constraints I'm facing but I don't see the creative freedom within them
  • I have identified the problem in detail and need to come up with an inspired solution
  • I see the issue's complexity and intend to receive a satisfying resolution from within
  • I've thought through the difficulties and have no idea where to go from here
  • I've anticipated every possible objection and let go of controlling the outcome
  • I've realized the limits of my thinking and allow for better ideas to come to mind
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  1. I love a good metaphor. Thanks for a very thought provoking post. From a business perspective, I think this is very applicable for entrepreneurs or anyone wishing to innovate down a new path.

  2. Thanks Kevin! This metaphor might also work out to be a Medici Effect intersection, like the ones between business and technology you've been writing about. Perhaps there's an intersection between the conscious and unconscious that realizes the best of both and a new way of doing business?