What d'ya think about your situation?

Your conscious mind thinks about everything. Your unconscious mind takes that thinking as asking and delivers per your requests. What you get from below depends on what you ask for -- which results from what you're thinking.

Take that situation you've been thinking about lately. Do you think that's a real problem? Your unconscious mind will respond by giving you the urge to figure out who caused this problem, complain about their incompetence and blame them for making you unhappy. Do you think it's really a solution that's doing somebody some good somehow? Your unconscious mind will respond by giving you inspirations for even better solutions, easier methods, and more effective approaches to work out with the other people.

Are you thinking that situation poses some danger to you, jeopardizes your reputation or exposes your own shortcomings? Your unconscious mind will respond by giving you the urge to take flight, justify your actions or make flamboyant excuses. Do you think the situation is really an opportunity to explore a welcome challenge? Your unconscious mind will serve up some hidden resources for handling unfamiliar situations, learning from setbacks and getting creative when "trying harder" is backfiring.

Are you certain that situation is unacceptable and needs to be opposed by you? Your unconscious mind will respond by filling you with anxiety, urges to take control and confidence that you're absolutely right. Are you fascinated by how the situation is multi-faceted and includes many ways to be interpreted. Your unconscious mind will deliver better questions to ask, and changes in your outlook to see the situation "in a new light".

Are you reacting to that situation like it's objective evidence, established facts and unquestionable proof of a crisis. Your unconscious mind will respond by showing you how win at other's expense, make the problems worse and damage the key relationships. Are you thinking about different ways to perceive the situation and changing how you frame the evidence? Your unconscious mind will respond by giving you different diagnoses of the obvious symptoms, alternative definitions of the underlying problem and metaphors for playing with the meaning of the evidence.

In short: When you want it to be this way, you get it to be this way every time.

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