Solving for pattern

Last week, Harold Jarche wrote an inspired reminder for us to solve for pattern. Since then, I've been pondering the times I've succeeded at that and why I rarely solve for pattern. Here's some of what I've realized.

When we have one thing on our mind, we cannot solve for pattern. The challenge is too complex, panoramic and overwhelming. We can, however, take pride in how focused, determined and clear we are with one thing on our mind. No one can tell us any differently. We can open our big mouth, but cannot give a big listen. We don't get what's on the mind of the community, constituencies or big picture. The pattern is beyond us because we feel a big need to be right, to exercise our rights to be authoritative and to control who can contradict us.

When we solve for pattern, we are getting help on the inside. We've connected to that place where inspirations, intuitions and imaginative innovations come from. We cannot handle what comes to mind in a logical sequence, but we can capture it with a diagram or other imagery. We get the feeling we know this without being able to explain it precisely. We feel blessed to be answered in this way and supported in coming up with solutions.

Solving for pattern implicates lots of abstract dimensions to the problem and solutions. We may consider the context created, the strategy implicated and the premises being replicated. We may realize some of the repercussions in the short and long term. We may see ways to combine, share, tradeoff and reciprocate instead of overkill, overspend and over-react.

Solving for pattern comes up with light handed solutions. They demonstrate "a nice touch". They replace heavy handed solutions with simple, small, clean and ingenious approaches.

One example that comes to mind is blogging -- compared to literary agents, publishing houses, promotions of select titles, warehousing by the caseload and sales of individual copies. Long tail publishing makes all those elaborate mechanisms unnecessary. Blogging is clean and green.

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