Got a winning strategy?

This morning I'm full of questions to help you get into thinking strategically without any advice from me. Take a look:

  1. Got a place you want to get to that's better than where you're at right now? Got a feeling of what it will be like to be there? Got ideas about what difference it will make to you and others to be in that place? If so you've got a mission in need of some effective strategies.
  2. Got some opportunities to make a move toward that place? Got a clear path, allies to help you get there or a map of the territory? Got ways of seeing the familiar in a unfamiliar way or lenses that reveal more than others see? If so, you've got a chance of succeeding at getting there. 
  3. Got some resources to help you get to that place? Got the time and energy to take advantage of those resources? Got your mind set on making this a priority over other pursuits? If so, you've got some strengths working in favor of getting there. 
  4. Got some obstacles in your way as you move toward that place? Got some ideas for getting around them, defeating them or diminishing their effect on you? Got ways to exploit the predictability, obvious tactics or blind spots of those obstacles? If so, your strategy may respond effectively to whatever adversity you encounter.
  5. Got some vulnerabilities that others could exploit? Got some awareness of your own fixations, insecurities and patterns of self-sabotage? Got some ways to turn those weaknesses into hidden strengths and surprising maneuvers? If so, your strategy can delude the opposition to become over-confident and indifferent to you.

Got all five sets of questions answered adequately? You've got a winning strategy.

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