There's nothing to it

When we coping with a flawed strategy, we're not getting the results we want. An effective strategy seems like a very big deal to us. If it weren't for others succeeding at this, it might seem completely impossible to have intended effects of people, situations and outcomes. Our experience thus far is telling us we cannot get what we want, to go where we want to or to realize the happy ending. We are a long ways off from there being nothing to the art of realizing effective strategies.

Formulating effective strategies takes practice, once we've accepted that it is personally realistic, accessible and desirable for us. We get good at going there. We learn the drills of reading the situation for opportunities, taking our attention off of rivals and rethinking our advantages. We learn from trial and error what works for us, what backfires and what does no good at all. We find we've got hidden talents we were unaware of previously. We discover we're not as capable of some routines as we presumed. We get good at assembling all the essential pieces into formulating strategies.

Once we've gotten good at strategy formulation, we need to be on the lookout for getting too good. Expertise is often inflated into hubris, arrogance and conceit. We become too smart for our own good. When these bubbles get burst, we realize what's missing in our outlook. We see the error in our one-sided ideas, extreme desires and excessive efforts. We become receptive to benefiting from paradoxes.

With practice and self awareness, we become empty. We know ourselves and the others involved without fear, labels or putdowns. We value our curiosity, innocence and openness. We experience there being nothing to formulating effective strategies. They come to mind when we're of no mind to make a big deal out of it.

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