Clogging up a social network

The natural world makes tons of sense as a spacious network. Organic processes maintain balance between excesses and deprivations without human intervention, big ideas or authoritative experts. Challenges to continued growth provoke adaptations and emergent changes by non-doing. Very little is known and very much is possible at any eternal moment. Everything is is in process rather than giving us the impression of a constant thing. Everything experiences vast connections without shutting down the space of delightful and fascinating not-knowing.

Humans seem to favor clogging up their social networks, rather than following nature's better example. There are numerous cognitive strategies that serve this dysfunctional pursuit:

  1. Perceiving what we see with our eyes as empirically verified, persistent objects
  2. Trusting procedures that stand on their own to deliver reliable results
  3. Imagining social networks to be comprised of connections between objective nodes
  4. Limiting our experiences of space to distance between persistent things
  5. Simplifying the actual complexity with false constructs, models and explanations
  6. Valuing what we know more than what we are questioning, exploring, rethinking and discovering
  7. Enacting a life as a production system to deliver mechanized results reliably
  8. Treasuring our accomplishments more than our ongoing adventures in an unfolding mystery

These cognitive strategies present themselves as our only option when our survival or safety are in danger. We think this way when we are afraid. The space for thinking differently gets shut down before we get into clogging up our social network.

To be spacious is to be clear of fear and full of wonder. What we know gives rise to what we don't know which leads to our next processes. We move from a space to a process to a space. We contain confining procedures within our exploratory processes rather than letting procedures dictate our experience. We learn a lot every day without making a thing of learning, knowledge or procedures for acquiring abilities. We see the world with fresh outlooks that invite us to watch for processes where we misperceived persistent objects before.

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