Endless satisfaction in spacious networks

Satisfaction is a constant problem within clogged social networks. There's no way to get beyond the pseudo pleasures to the deep satisfaction that continually emerges in spacious networks. The cognitive strategies which clog up networks also undermine satisfaction without even trying to accomplish that result.

Clogged networks are comprised of persistent objects. There is no space wherever these unchanging objects define our experience. When we're participants in clogged networks, we get invited into and rewarded for thinking of ourselves as persistent objects. We then function as nodes with lots of connections while assuming this will bring us satisfaction. We make more connections to get more satisfaction whether than abandon the premise of being a persistent object. We make a thing out of nothing and wonder why we're not getting more pleasure from this actual nothing. We make a thing of a processing and despair at how empty, meaningless and dissatisfying the thing turns out to be.

When we think of ourselves as persistent objects, it's tempting to become a "sex object" for others. We think we're getting paid for being a tool that can be purchased and utilized. Our chronic problems with dissatisfaction gives us the urge to misuse and abuse others who seem to be things to us as well. When we're changing processes with a staggering complexity of unknowns, all these problems with satisfaction disappear.

In clogged networks, we cannot walk the elusive fine line that processes reward. In jobs, we will get overworked and underutilized in assignments which are mismatched for our neglected processes and driving questions. In relationships, neediness and insecurities will dominate the conversations that might otherwise turn to passions, projects, discoveries and better questions to be asking. In shopping for what we need, we over-consume things we don't need and chase after better things as if there is no spacious wonder and evolving processes to include in the purchasing.

When we get we are no-thing, satisfaction comes from everything non-thing we pursue. We dismantle of mistaken impression anything that seems objective, persistent and known by exploring the staggering complexity, hidden interdependencies, and unknowable dimensions of the actual non-thing. This gives us the feeling of being a lover of all we behold. This gives us a job of balancing how much we do with what we care about, wonder about and find we make a rewarding difference serving. This transforms relationships into spacious explorations and adventures. This finds pleasures in little things and non-things that money cannot buy. This is the experience of endless satisfaction in spacious networks.

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