More wonder please

I wonder what it would be like if the world had much more wonder occurring in it? We probably wouldn't know that something:

  • had already been tried before
  • wouldn't work like we expected from past experience
  • would be opposed by extremists as always
  • would cost too much or take too long like before

Instead we could do more than merely wonder:

  • if something was possible --  to wonder how it could be possible
  • if some problem always happened that way --  to wonder how to break the cycle
  • why something has to be that way --  to wonder how to change it
  • when things will turnaround --  to wonder how to be the change

With all this additional wonder, we could each wonder how to help out, make a difference and produce better results for those we care about. We could wonder how to be more creative, what innovations are called for and which approach will work the best. We could wonder how to work with instead of against others' interests. We could break stalemates and standoffs with wondering what we have yet to learn from and understand about others. We could wonder how to bring an end to something undesirable while launching something much better for al concerned.

We could wonder if we had a enough wonder in use right now and wonder how to get more (or less) when the amount was not quite right at the moment.  In wonder what the world would be like with all that wondering?

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