Resilient solutions to chronic problems

In the space of power struggles and control issues, we find an abundance of chronic problems. Here's a brief sampling:

  1. soaring costs of health care, education, energy costs, sports/entertainment ticket prices, etc.
  2. recurring exploitation of captive markets, labor surpluses, disenfranchised citizens, etc.
  3. cycles of abuse, power struggle, partisanship, stalemates, etc.
  4. irreversible declines in food supplies, fresh water, top soil, air quality, etc.

Our determined use of superficial remedies insures the persistence of those problems. These chronic problems give us convincing experiences of powerlessness, ineptitude and persecution. These experiences give journalists lots of fodder for filling column inches in print and hours of airtime. Those in power try harder to gain control and exercise their command of the situation. The possibility of redemption, reversal, transformation or emancipation seems inconceivable while immersed in any batch of chronic problems.

Resilient solutions occur in a very different space of compassion and appreciation. The components of the chronic problem appear very differently in this redemptive space. The widespread experiences of powerlessness appear as opportunities to serve what's coming about, to care for others and to make a difference that others are not making for themselves. The opposing evidence of domineering power, excessive controls and win/lose victories provides a basis for making progress, moving forward and finding solutions. Those who have adopted roles as rescuers, martyrs and sacrificial lambs show us all how important it is to be humbled, unassuming and innocent of preconceptions. With these components of the chronic problem seen in this light, a redemptive catalyst can take effect.

A redemptive function says "yes" to everything in sight as if it's all perfect for realizing a resilient solution. There is no real problem with chronic problems, only the failing to see the light for appreciating the components of what's coming together nicely. Resistance that spawned persistence of the chronic problem gets replaced with acceptance of messages, valuing of contributions and uses of reminders. Differences in power, position or expertise seem insignificant compared to all the common ground and common sense about resilient solutions. the resilient solution comes about emergently, as if it was in the background of the problem all along and only required seeing it clearly to bring it into the foreground for everyone to experience first hand. The solution endures because buy-in to it and benefiting from it are shared by everyone open to the possibility.

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