I got that wrong

I thought Blizzard was the company that created World of Warcraft and manages that online game better than Linden Labs manages Second Life. It turns out blizzard is what happened in metro Denver this week. We got an inch per hour for 26 hours. You do the math.

I thought DiggIt was a Web 2.0 tool for tagging cool postings, videos, pics and web pages. Digg it is what I've been doing for the past two days with a snow shovel and the assistance of some wonderful neighbors.

I thought some of the ice on the walks and driveways would melt when the sun hit it this morning. It's 12 degrees Fahrenheit now. I don't think so.

I thought the grocery stores might run out of perishable produce and dairy items with the airport and interstates closed for two days. Both grocery stores I visited yesterday were completely sold out of potatoes. We got lettuce, bananas, tomatoes and milk - no problem.

I thought a white Christmas in Denver was a long shot considering An Inconvenient Truth, global warming, a 60 degree daytime highs a week ago, and a long range forecast for a drought through February in Colorado. The four foot drifts will probably last through Valentines Day until St. Patrick's Day in March.

Joyous Holidays and Happy New Year! (I got that right!)

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