Regarding the recent revolution

The infiltration was very successful. There were no casualties reported. The revolution occurred off radar and undetected by the vigilant gatekeepers. The new regime won the war without a battle. The changes have already been accepted in the courts of public opinion, diplomatic channels and economic alliances. The outcome was not deterred by the obstinacy of failed states, systems or reforms. The "post-war" education system, economy and multi-lateral governance structures are emerging.

As Pete Reilly suggests, the situation calls for outreach, diplomacy and new-found respect. Battles, counter insurgencies and escalation of hostilities is senseless. It is also senseless to act as if the revolution has not happened. We do not need to make the changes occur. All that really remains is to get on board, see how everything has been transformed for us and join in the fun.

Citizens of the revolution are "under-age". They cannot vote or drive cars yet. They do not yet have control of the education system, economy or governance structures. Their impact is low profile among power brokers and corporate control systems. These revolutionaries can text message and take pics with their cell phones. They can go online to play games, shop and socialize like it's second nature to them. They are "listening to the beat of a different drummer", inside a new paradigm and living life on different premises.

Respect for these under-age revolutionaries and the mostly undetected transformation -- is a big challenge. Those of us with pre-revolutionary outlooks have a lot to learn. We will do a better job of that if we approach what we're not seeing -- with curiosity, self confidence, self-motivation and creativity. If we think of ourselves as learners, discoverers and adventurers, we will fit in much sooner than identifying ourselves as powerful experts and defenders of correct stances. Thinking with questions will get us a lot further than thinking with familiar answers.

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