Two ways to be successful

Most of the time we're succeeding, there seems to be one way to proceed. We are clear we're doing something in a way that works. We are steering clear of the ways to fail. We have in mind doing more of the same because it is succeeding. We figure anyone who criticizes or demonizes our success is a loser, envious outcast or worry wort.

When we are succeeding in this way, we can "do the thing right". We cannot "do the right thing". We cannot make wise choices about which thing to do. This is a problem for the entrepreneurs I mentor. It's the same problem for big corporations that injure third parties, local economies and the natural environment.

Changing to "doing the right thing" is threatening. It puts our success in jeopardy. The possibility of changing like this -- questions our intentions, conduct and sanity. It challenges everything we did that got the job done and steered clear of failure. It appears to be an invitation to act like a loser, validate the critics and submit to condemnation of our good intentions.

When we can "do the right thing", we've opened our closed minds. Our determination to succeed is replaced by the interpretation of outcomes. We consider more points of view and potential consequences. We realize the effects of our actions on the bigger situation. We weaken our resolve to strengthen our sensitivity. We expand the boundaries of our system that "does the thing right". We become more responsive, inclusive and community minded.

All these changes we're exploring are threatening in this way. Context developers who create discovery systems are "doing the right thing". Content developers who perpetuate delivery systems are "doing the thing right".

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