Having the eye

Yesterday, Tony Ndubueze left a stellar comment on my blog post of last November: Sensing and pre-sensing:
Now this is what I am talking about. I believe in sensing (and pre-sensing) and I am interested to relate with people who I can learn more from. This idea is really in place. I appreciate 'things' that one can see, not with the natural eyes but with the 'mental' or 'intelligent' eye. And second, you’ve got to have the brain for it, unless it is part of your giftedness. This is not a school product, you don’t learn this art in the classroom, you don’t have this 'eye' because you have an MBA or PhD. You get it through Personal Development (which can include life experiences) or through a Mentor.
What Tony wrote here is synchronisitic on many levels for me. I met with a friend yesterday for coffee and was relaying to him how I've had occasions in the last week where it seemed like my third eye was open. The moment has been over-ruling the impression of time passing and mortality being the real deal here. The perfection of this moment has been more interesting that what needs thinking about or fixing. The feeling of being illuminated by how it looks to me replaces how the physical light creates appearances on my retina.

I've also been using a metaphor of the world as a coloring book where the crayons are only found within. We can only categorize the world, not color it, with the thinking we do in reaction to data from our physical eyes. We jump to conclusions about what it is as if there's no two ways about it, many different ways to see it or valid contradictory impressions of it. However, within our minds -- we get crayons that color what we see. We then see it not as it appears literally, but as a lesson, revelation, invitation or opportunity.

I've also been comparing -- what Tony describes as "getting it through experiences" -- to downloading a different operating system. Anytime we go within to get different ways to see what's happened, different crayons to use to color it, or different frames of reference to apply to it, we are connected to the source of having the eye. We are simultaneously getting more modules of a different way to see the world and ourselves in it. This new OS does not get activated until it's fully downloaded. It's functionality exceeds anything our "sensory data processing OS" can come up with. We will eye the world differently once we get all the modules in mind.

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