Finding home base in our minds

The game of baseball is loaded with metaphors for understanding life. This game resonates with us at a much deeper level than the day to day fluctuations in victories, rosters and stats. There's a place in our minds that resembles home base. It feels like we've hit a home run when we find that home base on the inside. We're in a place to walk off the playing field with a victory over fear, guilt and separation. The game and playing field look very different after finding home base in our minds.

Finding home base feels like coming home after going round on a long journey that leads back to its beginning. We've arrived after a long spell of seeking, striving and fidgeting. We gain a sense of finding where we belong among all the different states of mind we've visited. This state of mind revises our outlook and identity from all the misconstruing and mistaken identities we've tried on for size.

Finding home base changes our standing in the world. We're no longer caught up in power games that make us feel diminished or over-confident. We stand for something that we've found inside ourselves. We obviously respect ourselves with this delightful finding. We then earn respect from those who have enough self-respect to respect others. We've dropped the drama of seeking approval from those who are way off base.

Finding home base provides us with freedom from striving for some big success or from swinging for the fences. From home base, everything seems perfectly valuable as is. While processes go round and round without ending, nothing needs to change.

This morning I brainstormed different ways to find home base in our minds. I've come up with sixteen approaches so far that I'll share with you soon.

Here's a list of approaches I've explained thus far with links to those posts:

1. The wagon wheel of life

2. Be the mountain you already are

3. Using the other horizon

4. Go within or go without

5. Happily held in suspense

6. Replacing eyesight with insights

7. Calling a timeout to chill out

8. Viewing evidence with innocence

9. Nothing to forgive

10. Preparing a bridal chamber

11. Feeling our feelings

12. Barking up the right tree

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