Content for our consideration

The content of this blog is offered for your consideration. The blog feeds I choose to subscribe to are there for my consideration. All blogs are offering content for our consideration. We consider what we read as giving us more to consider, not telling us what to think or submit to.

What we are reading in blogs is miscellaneous, as David Weinberger uses the term. We know it's a point of view that considers us all having varied viewpoints. We are not purporting to announce "one right answer", "my way or the highway" or "my expertise overrules all your clueless contradictions".

This consideration of our context allows for the content we offer getting tagged in many different ways, linked inside of all kinds of postings and found via a vast variety of searches. By being considerate of this context for our content, what we say in our blogs enters into our collective wisdom. It's filed under miscellaneous and accessed by each person's reasons to consider it. We enrich each other's understanding by putting it out there. Instead of each of us getting it right from books, we are collectively getting it appreciated from outlooks.

This is a big change from offering inconsiderate content. Official truths, policies and categories are not offered for our consideration. There is no discussion that can alter the facts. The structure is provided for acceptance without question, adoption without whining, and adherence without critiques. "Rocks are hard; water is wet. Any questions?"

This change to offering considerate content is deep. We are changing the premises for educating, employing and entertaining us. We are developing contexts for mutual benefit instead of delivering inconsiderate content.


  1. Tom;
    A friend of mine was relating that he finds digging through his favorite blogs as useful as going to huge conferences.

    He feels he has access to the many more diverse opinions, much more information, and many more insights in his favorite blogs.



  2. Thanks Tom. I believe you express wonderfully many of the benefits to blogging that many just don't understand. Pete has also added a great notion as well. It is very much like a conference every day.

    I've used your posting to try to help inspire a friend to continue her's. She's having doubts. Hopefully my little campaign will encourage her onwards.


  3. Thanks for the comments Pete and Tracy! It's great to hear from readers.