Transforming other professionals

What do the following professionals have in common?

  • Classroom teachers going through a textbook chapter by chapter

  • Trainers going through a lengthy handout before the break for phone calls and snacks

  • Conference presenters going thought their large file of Powerpoint slides in a darkened meeting room

  • CLO's (Chief Learning Officers) going though long usage reports from their LMS (Learning Management System) to identify employees "out of compliance" with mandatory requirements
a) Allegiance to "old school" paradigms and the "comand and control" delivery of content

b) Professional stagnation necessitated by their acting over or under responsible -- as a defense against getting blamed by others

c) Defensive reactions to perceived threats from advocates for systemic change, technology integration and learner empowerment

d) Loss of credibility among learners empowered by their rapid adoption of new technologies, immersion in game play experiences, and social networking with Web 2.0 technologies

e) None of the above

f) All of the above

Which change interventions will backfire and make their situation worse?

a) Making enemies of the professionals and demonizing their conduct

b) Taking issue with their effects on learners and lack of responsibility for the long term outcomes of their instructional strategies

c) Giving the professionals memorable experiences of being wrong, stupid, incompetent and misguided

d) Playing games with them where they can only lose, get disoriented and feel inadequate

e) None of the above

f) All of the above

Which change interventions will transform the professionals' outlook, conduct and effects on other learners?

a) Speaking their minds or playing "peek a boo" with their intentions, ambitions and priorities

b) Giving them "permission to persist" with their own stabilized beliefs until a different alternative makes more sense

c) Prescribing their hidden assumptions until they realize where they are coming from and what messages they are sending

d) Get in their corner and help them serve their customers, make a bigger difference and get more respect

e) None of the above

f) All of the above

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