Is your PLE on fire?

When we're not looking, we are in neutral. When we are searching and seeking, we're motivated. When we are finding what we're looking for, we are on fire.

Are you finding what you need online? When you think of something you don't know, does it transform into something you understand after a brief search? Are you finding you can get satisfaction without paying a big price or going to great effort?

What are you discovering by having such an easy time of finding what you want, need, seek or choose? Are you becoming more motivated to learn every day? Are you changing your ideas about what you enjoy, how you can change or what is even possible?

How are you connecting when you use your online connection? Are you connecting new answers to your question, fulfillment to your needs, meaning to your incident or resolution to your issues? Are to linking to fascinating people or communities of common interest? Are you finding kindred spirits with like-minded outlooks. Are you discovering support for directions you want to move in, changes that fascinate you and growth that comes naturally to you?

How much are you appreciating your successes at finding, discovering and connecting? How delighted are you with your efficacy, realized power and enhanced capabilities? How much goodness like this can you handle?

If you're in tune with these questions, your PLE is on fire. You are learning what you want when you want to with great satisfaction. You have made choices that result in successes on your own terms. Your motivation to seek transforms into finds with ease.


  1. Tom,

    Great stuff. When I am really connecting, digging into what I consider my PLE, what you describe is exactly what is happening: the information is moving at the speed of combustion.

    My favorite thing about researching now is finding out who has said it best, and if I can say it better!

  2. Me too Patrick. Sometimes it feels like us bloggers to subscribe to each other are working on a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. I'll have two pieces to the hayloft and one to the barn door. I'll discover another one of us has said something that fits the hayloft perfectly and I'll get a better picture as a result.