A way with their hands

We bloggers all have a way with words. It's not easy for us to relate to those who have a way with their hands. I'm currently working on a presentation that relates PLE's to vocational training. (I'll say more about it once I'm back to my own computer where I can add links to my posts). If PLE's required a way with words, they would be unnecessarily exclusive.

One framework I'm considering is this: When we already know how to do something, we have the confidence to venture into unfamiliar territory. We can tackle problems that "were not in the book" or we're not covered in the modules on the LMS. We know more than "how to do it" which allows us to diagnose and troubleshoot strange situations. That gives us a lot to talk about with others and learn from what they see, how they think and filter out the noise.

When we're still learning how to do something, we lack that confidence. We are in need of a different kind of dialogue to get over the hurdles, realize why we keep making the same mistake, and change our attitude to welcome new challenges instead of avoiding repeated embarassments.

Having a way with our hands does not preclude the beneficial of a personal learning environment -- it merely takes a refined approach to utilize it.

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