Addicted to useless information

Why don't providers of useless information go out of business?
Perhaps for the same reasons that manufacturers of junk food are very profitable. The taste of the consumers for "food value" has been corrupted by pseudo-nutrition. They don't know what they're missing and are thus satisfied or even addicted to useless food. The same could be said for mind-numbing entertainment and excessive materialism.

Doesn't useless information make a lousy offer that the end users would reject instantly?
Rejecting lousy deals requires the freedom to walk away from the offer. That's not possible if the information is provided as a course requirement, mandatory training or other obligatory exercise. Yet rather than endure the onslaught of abuse, most close their minds, "check their brains at the door" and heartlessly pretend to be receiving the information. What they get told goes in one ear and out the other without getting questioned or retained. They appear to pay attention while paying it no mind. They get in the swing of being inattentive, easily distracted and scattered. "Lights on, nobody home".

Why aren't they concerned with wasting their time or trashing their motivation?
Perhaps their self-respect has become a lost cause. They may be seeing no opportunities to be true to themselves, act with integrity or follow their moral compass. They may have figured the only way to get through the ordeal is to sellout, suffer in silence or act indifferent. They stop considering whether the information is useful and stop hesitating when offered the lousy deal.

What happens when they are offered useful information?
If they have been living on a steady diet of useless information, they find anything really useful to be revolting. Their distaste is spawned by their "learned powerlessness". They cannot value useful information anymore than someone can stop shopping beyond the capacity of their garage, basement, attic and storage locker. The premise of "I can't" is deeply held and fortified by a huge inventory of personal experiences. Their presupposition of powerlessness is robust, resilient and self-maintaining. They are convinced they have no choice and have to persist in their pointless pursuit. Their rabid consumption goes straight to the bottom line for those profitable providers of useless information.

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