Anticipating natural reforms

Can system reforms occur as a natural process like the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon?
There are many examples in nature that suggest that it's possible for human systems. There are numerous succession sequences -- like a pond that evolves into a wetlands, meadow and finally a hardwood forest. The gestation of embryos into full grown adults occurs in a wide range of species. Vegetation that begins from seed reforms itself dramatically into a full-size plant, bush or tree.

If transformation is such a natural thing, why does it seem so unnatural in attempted reforms of education and other large systems?
The natural world has no fear of comprehensive awareness. It responds to its situation without denials, defensive rationalizations or one-sided explanations. Nature thrives on responding fully to its surroundings and getting responded to in return. Humans get caught up in ego-trips where they need to be right, identify with positional stances and regard holistic awareness as a dangerous threat.

Aren't ego-trips an evolutionary outcome that naturally occurred from a previous condition?
Yes indeed. There's evidence of a pre-egoic or pre-personal phase of human development where people do not form individual identities. They function like swarms, flocks or herds that move with the supply of food and changes in weather. They do what needs to be done for the survival of their cooperative gathering.

Could we outgrow ego-trips into a post-egoic or transpersonal phase of human existence?
Lots of philosophers have anticipated that possibility with fascinating insights. I just finished re-reading Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" which defines a way to awaken and live differently. It's also the basis for many spiritual traditions where the individual's consciousness is transformed into an ego-less presence.

Can large systems get transformed naturally by changes in consciousness?
Time will tell. The possibility makes perfect sense to me. Here are some of the facets of a natural reform of large systems by a change in consciousness:
  • Egos have the sense to see, say and do the wrong thing for the good of the whole. The whole pushes back and deprives egos of access to what is good for the whole.
  • Egos naturally congregate together, stick to their own kind and isolate themselves from higher consciousness. These conceited gatherings have the right stuff to self-destruct, deplete their essential resources, discourage their customers and destroy faith in their system parameters.
  • Egos naturally make enemies, feed conflicts and escalate tensions. They will find themselves in wars and other forms of hostility which will fortify their ego trips, require further vengeance and devote their resources to fighting.
  • While all this is occurring, post-egoic or transpersonal humans will have the sense to see, say and do the right thing for the good of the whole. The whole will respond in kind and nurture further responsiveness from these humble constituents.
  • These non-egos will network, collaborate and combine efforts as if "we're all in this together" and as if "acting as one in spirit" brings out the best in each of us.
  • The large systems will be transformed by the vanishing of fear, controlling individuals, unresponsive mechanisms and fortified stances.
  • In it's place, responsiveness will abound and desired results will come about easily.

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