Two-sided structure of baggage

The two halves of any open piece of luggage are symbolic of the structure of our emotional baggage. When we're carrying around burdens from our painful past history, there are two patterns of interference that hide what's inside. Any baggage means there are two things we can do which are troublesome to us. There is also a valuable solution to our related problem that's a no-can-do. Here's several examples of this two sided structure to our emotional baggage:
  • When peace of mind (serenity, inner stillness) is a No-Can-Do, worrying to ourselves is a Can-Do and complaining out loud is a big Can-Do too.
  • When showing appreciation (expressing gratitude, giving thanks) is a No-Can-Do, wallowing is self pity is Can-Do and begrudging others their good fortune is a big Can-Do too.
  • When accepting others as they already are (taking a "live and let live" approach, exhibiting tolerance) is a No-Can-Do, stabbing them in the back is a Can-Do and getting in their face is a big Can-Do too.
  • When taking calculated risks (looking before leaping, assessing dangers before adventuring) is a No-Can-Do, withdrawing from challenges is a Can-Do and acting with reckless abandon is a big Can-Do too.
  • When solving problems (improving situations, fixing what's broken) is a No-Can-Do, living with chronic problems is a Can-Do and making problems even worse is a big Can-Do too.
  • When really relating with someone (reciprocating favors, mutualizing respect) is a No-Can-Do, commiserating with their suffering is a Can-Do and antagonizing their insecurities is a Big Can-Do too.
  • When being naturally attentive (focused, maintaining concentration) is a No-Can-Do, getting distracted is a Can-Do and being distracting to others is a big Can-Do too.
We've been going to these opposite extremes ever since the good thing to do got us into serious trouble. We made a snap decision to never let that happen again to us. We adopted a fight or flight plan to avoid a repeat of the horrific incident in our past. There is no question in our minds about the dangers of doing what is a No-Can-Do. There's no alternatives we can conceive of other than the twisted pair of Can-Do's.

When our baggage is no more, this structure has been completely turned around. The No-Can-Do gets restored as a big Can-Do. The troublesome Can-Do's no longer keep us safe or get trusted for assessing situations accurately. We get back in the groove where good things come our way and we give the world the best of what we've found inside us.

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