28 inches and counting

The forecast for 18 inches of snow had me running every errand for the week on Tuesday. Once the snow arrived, I've shoveled the walks and driveway 3 times so far. The snow is expected to end after 48 hours of continuous accumulation at midnight. We've got 28 inches so far and expect another ten. At least the Colorado Rockies dd not make it into the World Series this year. I'll get back to blogging here next Monday, Nov 2nd.


  1. The nice thing about Denver is that it will be melted (evaporated really) in two weeks! Once we get snow here in the east, it's with us all winter. It's also easier to shovel in Denver (a lot softer), but I prefer the salt melting the snow on the roads and not having white out conditions.

  2. Hi Virginia
    I've lived in 14 states and Colorado has been my favorite for that reason you mentioned. The sky is blue the day after a storm and the melting/evaporating begins.

    great to hear from you!