CCK09 Putting Connectivism into practice

I've been striving to transform my growing knowledge of Connectivism into an actionable practice. I've gotten better at talking the talk, but not walking the talk. Speaking the language seems like a start in the right direction to me. This morning I continued to reflect on how to put CCK into practice and came up with a preliminary protocol. As I explored different alternatives, I formed a strong association with the following pattern of practices. I see myself and others practicing Connectivism whenever we are:
  1. forming new connections and upgrading established connections to a network cluster inside or outside us, connections within that cluster and connections between clusters.
  2. using our personal contexts to realize significance, meaning and/or applications of the otherwise meaningless signals received through our connections
  3. recognizing patterns in the connections and meaning we've formed which opens up further questions, investigations or explorations which leads to more connections
  4. becoming more salient to other cognitive and social networks by being more accessible, receptive, responsive and valuable to those other connections, meanings and perceived patterns
Not surprisingly, I was practicing Connectivism when I came up with this protocol. I recognized a familiar pattern for me where I fall short of "walking the talk". I also perceived a pattern of opportunities to explore a new possibility, reflect on alternatives and formulate new connections. My personal context (valuing pragmatism) was attributing significance to a "lack of practice" and "need for actionable knowledge". Having formulated this protocol, it appeared very salient to my cognitive network. Strong connections formed between it and many clusters within my cognitive network.  If it appears valuable to your cognitive network, I will have succeeded at becoming more salient which will lead to more connections.

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