Migrating out of methodical innovation

The Methodical Innovation space is a major improvement over the Exceptional Innovation space. When we first exit the anti-social world of rare talents, exploited consumers and self-serving institutions,  it seems like it doesn't get any better than this. We discover an adjacent possible that thrives on:

  • design thinking about design challenges and problems, design processes to utilize design tools and methods, design evaluations which apply design criteria and guidelines and design conferences which convene designers from diverse disciplines
  • attention to user experiences, to contexts of the low profile customers, to obscure solutions in use and to unstated expectations of end users
  • caring for customers, serving others' interests, making a difference in others' lives, responding to implicit requests for support
  • discovering fresh opportunities, uncovering unproductive assumptions, rethinking stuck  issues, and reframing antagonistic evidence

To migrate out of this space to the Synchronous Innovation space requires letting go of these considerable advantages found in the Methodical space. The migration to the Synchronous space is neither logical or straightforward. I realized while formulating this write-up that I can only point it out, not take you there. "The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon". Here's four ways to look for the Synchronous Innovation space yourself:

  • Designing without thinking: In this space, we come up with inspired innovations without making a thing of designing, without taking an elite approach with non-designers and without being in control of the recursive processes. 
  • Reversing the experience design: In this space, we experience others' design of our experience as we design their experience. The designing comes full circle or comes back on itself. The first intention to design user experiences becomes the last concern while the last concern of one's own experience becomes the first. 
  • Us serving us: In this space, we are caring for caregivers, designing for fellow designers and mediating inputs from mediators like ourselves. There's no end to the awareness of commonalities, mirror reflections and reciprocities weaving every process together. 
  • Emergent emptiness: In this space we get that our understanding of emptiness is the booby prize. An grasp of emptiness is not empty. We become empty by not knowing what emptiness is in spite of my making is sound like "not knowing" is something to know. Every moment begins and ends with wonder, innocence and freedom to question appearances.

In this space, everyone is doing what arises in their minds and bodies as the right thing right now. It turns out those things that get done work out perfectly for all living things. These actions provide innovations in situations where more of the same was not working. They change what is stuck and restore balance to extreme situations. They combine what has been polarized and sort out what has become contaminated. It allows for improvements to evolve naturally through mutations, adaptations and experimenting. The participants experience a sense of validation and synchrony in what they are feeling, seeing, understanding and doing.  It gets characterized as "being on a roll" or "being in the flow".  Living this way is highly resilient and sustainable for the full range of micro to macro organisms.

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