Migrating out of the primal space

Within the space for Primal innovations, there are many easily accessed innovations. We get the urge to do these things without a moral compass, conscience or ethical framework. We override our thinking, hesitation or self restraint to get innovative in these ways:

  1. cleverly making trouble for others without getting into trouble ourselves
  2. ingeniously getting even with others for dishonoring us or our tribe
  3. cunningly concocting schemes to exploit others' naivete, stupidity or inexperience
  4. compulsively inventing disguises, ambushes and baited traps to deceive others
  5. imaginatively fantasizing wild possibilites, sexual encounters and nightmarish outcomes to conflicts
  6. desperately getting resourceful to improve safety, pleasure or survival chances
  7. sneakily tricking others into backing off, pitying us or lending us a hand

Each of these innovations feeds the drama around us. They make enemies out of potential allies. They fuel conflicts, arguments and opposing coalitions.They make it more difficult for others to take our side and align with our interests. They provoke others to stop our progress, punish our misconduct and watch our every move. For all these reasons, and many others, there are always lots of incentives to migrate out of the space for primal innovations.

There are two places to go when we're in the space for Primal innovations: either the Synchronous (North) or Exceptional (East) innovation spaces. Both are adjacent possibles to the space for primal innovations. Both share many things in common which create the immediate adjacency to the primal space.

Migrating North: Both primal and synchronous innovation spaces are natural. Both are shared with all kinds of life forms at every scale of existence. Innovating is done without rational, linear and logical thinking. What comes to mind is innovative without trying, struggling or forcing it. Both spaces utilize some kind of emptiness as an essential prerequisite.

Migrating East: Both primal and exceptional innovation spaces are anti-social. Both make a big deal about the differences between insiders/outsiders or us/them. Both take no interest in outsiders' experiences, outlooks or needs. Both endure a bounty of chronic problems that can only be alleviated by social processes with misunderstood outsiders.

Obviously, migrating North to the Synchronous space is preferable. It's also far less likely given how rare the Synchronous space and how prevalent the Exceptional space are currently. The cultural norm sends us "from the frying pan into the fire". There are several big switchovers I've defined when migrating directly to the Synchronous space from the Primal space:

  • Switching from a horrible feeling of emptiness in the core of one's being to a wonderful feeling of emptiness that's innocent, clear of fear and open to receive inspirations.
  • Switching from trafficking in human emotions to basking in feelings of joy, peace, freedom and timelessness.
  • Switching from urges arising from layers of old emotional baggage to inclinations arising from a fresh sense of unity with every living thing
  • Switching from inner torments from regretting the past and dreading the future to inner gratitude from immersing oneself in the present moment

I'll continue to explore the design of support systems for these switchovers and this northward migration to the space for Synchronous innovation from the Primal space. I'll report on my findings here as they come to mind.

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