Reflective Moments

Upon further reflection of my post: A time for every kind of blogging, I realized "unteachable moments" needed an upgrade. Wendy got me thinking about using blogging to process experiences. I realized I do that all the time and I would not call that "offline" or "unteachable". That tied into the premise of blogging transparency popularized by Scoble and Israel in their book Naked Conversations. Changing the diagram would be true to the principle of "giving an incomplete", "continual dress rehearsals" or "endless beta release". I also got the picture of us bloggers:
    • thinking out loud
    • sorting out our minds in public view
    • displaying what we're thinking
    • saying what we have in mind
So the diagram has been revised to follow teachable moments with reflective moments where we are revealing for the benefit of the blogosphere:

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