You and your dignity

Your dignity is the part of you that comes and goes while you stick around. Have you ever felt drained after reading blog postings, listening to a podcast, completing an eLearning module or sitting through a deadly "live" presentation. That's your dignity skipping out on you. If your dignity returns, you'll suddenly be thinking "I don't need to take that!" or "That's no way to address me!". Where did that come from? Your dignity.

Some people appear to have lost their dignity permanently. Patrick Dunn wondered about them with his post: At what age to people need to be bored to learn? I pretended to be devoid of dignity (Addie the Addict) in a comment I added to Brent's post: Welcome to the Learning Clinic.

Your dignity has a very different take on what and how you're being taught -- than your mind that says "this is part of my job", "I need this to meet my goal" or "I have no choice but to complete this". Your dignity keeps score like this:

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