Eating and PLE's

If something is eating you for very  long, your PLE is not working. PLE's naturally complicate a positional stance, bring in other viewpoints and change the debate in the process of juxtaposing different contexts. PLE's provide lots of food for thought. You're the one who should to be eating, not the one getting eaten up inside. Perhaps your PLE has been co-opted into a job requirement that takes making yourself work at it. Perhaps it feels like you're always giving and getting nothing back. Maybe you're always searching for answers without getting that feeling of succeeding. If that's the case, your PLE is junk food and you're only snacking. No nutrition for you.

If you're feeding your face, your PLE is not working either. If you're feasting on a bounty of content, links, and subscriptions, you're missing the point. It's good that you're eating and getting fed beyond your wildest expectations. There's more to this PLE process, however. What about dietary balance, nutritional effects and your eating patterns? How are you benefiting from all this food for thought? What difference is it making in your life? Are you taking time to digest the feast? If not, you're caught up in some kind of rat race, chasing after carrots on a stick and jumping through other people's hoops. It's time to switch to intrinsic motivation and personally significant questions to explore. Take it at a pace of your choosing. Listen to your body's signals and changing inclinations.

If you're obsessed with the value of what you're getting from your PLE, you're on the right track headed in the wrong direction. What about all the rest of us on common ground with you? Have you noticed our strange tastes and peculiar appetites? Have you made any sense of when we're hungry, how often we feel like eating, what we're hungry for, what seems distasteful to us and what different foods for thought we think go together really well? Are you seeing any benefit to you in entertaining such a diversity of hungers. Have you noticed which atmosphere make us lose our appetites or make food for thought seem repulsive? If not, it's time to care for us, serve our interests and relate to our diverse preferences.

If now you're cooking, your PLE is working great. You're creating environments for us to feast on how you're learning among us. You're creating dining experiences where we can feed on what you've cooked up for us to consider and use in our own contexts. You're immersing us in shared events of feeding on food for thoughts. Thanks for the good time and great memories!


  1. After reading this, I'm glad I'm getting away for a few days in the mountains. Thanks.