Nice questions!

When our PLE's are working to our satisfaction, we're finding what we are looking for. We frequently discover what we want to learn right when we need it. Our curiosity seems to be successful at connecting with exactly what we were recently wondering about. Our life long learning takes on a life of its own and we go along for the joyride.

A PLE that is functioning like this is usually running on great questions. The personal inquiries go off in fruitful directions. The explorations are focused by productive queries. We're wondering with questions that lead to new ideas, better approaches, different diagnoses and more valuable explanations.  

Questions that derail a PLE are too smart. They merely confirm what they already know. They seek validation, not exploration. They assume what's true and simply verify the assumption. These questions establish the facts of what is. Questions like these come to mind when we want to be right or show off how smart we already are.

Questions that empower a PLE are innocent. They wonder with fascination about a panorama of unknowns. They explore avenues and directions that may not pay off. They expect to change questions as more is learned and simply begin with tentative formulations to look into. These questions play around with what-if's to better grasp different possibilities. Questions like these come to mind when we want to learn and discover more than we already understand.

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