Talking about PLEs

PLE's are loaded with potentials and possibilities. When you listen to people talk about PLE's or read their writing about PLE's, you can discern how many of those kinds of possibilities they are saying "Yes!" to.

Some people say "yes, no, no, no" to PLE's. Most of these people don't have PLE's themselves and don't feel successful at finding what they really want to learn. They may help you set up a tiny PLE and that can be a very big deal for you. If all you've learned is what somebody else wanted you to learn, changing to your personal interests is huge. It's like a seed that has not sprouted roots or a stem, but is loaded with enormous possibilities for growth.The PLE is "tiny" because it only explores questions that interest you and misses out on most of things a PLE can do for you. But your PLE does explore your interests with your motivation to make you happy with what you're learning. YES!

Other people say "yes, yes, no, no" to PLE's. They've discovered that PLE's change their mind about learning. They we're thinking that learning is a thing we can make happen and be done with. Now they're realizing learning is a process of continually changing and evolving. Learning stretches out like anything that takes a very long time. One of the ways PLE's gave them this other idea is their learning from other writers, reflective thinkers and sense-makers. It's obvious these writers are changing their minds every day, often coming to new realizations, or frequently rethinking something they had already figured out. Once learning seems like it's never done and it's always a mystery, a PLE becomes a life long journey and a never-ending story. YES YES!

Some other people say "yes, yes, yes, no" to PLE's. They've discovered how PLE's let them look in on other learners and care for them. They realize how other learners are having problems with sorting out what they want to learn, finding what they're looking for, changing their minds about something or realizing a better way to get something done. Their PLE becomes an environment for learning from other learners. Problems with learning, situations and bad experiences get solved together. Thinking together gets helpful ideas to come to our minds that would not occur to us when we're researching topics of interest. YES YES YES!

A few people say "yes, yes, yes, yes" to PLE's. They've discovered how to learn from everything that happens. They see a way to say "yes" to everything, like it's all good and getting better too. They've realized how much they get out of giving to others. They are generating content for others in so many ways that cannot deplete what they've already got. They wonder what to say that could be helpful for others. But they find what they give answers their own question, changes their own mind or lets go of a crazy idea. YES YES YES YES!

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