As we're so inclined

When we're inclined to take things lying down, we do our best work flat on our back. We're the best "ho in the hood" for every predator, power tripper and egomaniac. We tell victim stories and throw pity parties because our misery loves company.

When we're inclined to take things as a game to win, we do our best work with opponents and enemies. We get in their face and on their case to win at their expense. We give others a hard time while they do time in our prison made just for their misery. Our idea of justice is get even as we play them for losers in our wicked game.

When we're inclined to take things as a lesson, we do our best work calling timeouts. We get what we're being shown, change our mind about what's too obvious and see beyond the facts to their significance. We give others our attention to receive the gifts they are bringing our way. We sacrifice our ego-trip to get tripped out on deeper insights.

When we're inclined to feel totally connected to each other, we do our best work with no ambition of our own. We act free to be whatever the situation calls for. We bring what is missing, overlooked or ruled out -- for those who are overly: committed, responsible, productive or captivated. What's next is a big mystery to us. Our idea of a good time is this, right here, right now.

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