Redeeming drama triangles

In situations frothing with mutual contempt, the people involved take on very predictable roles. A drama triangle is formed out of their fears, suspicions and mistrust. Interactions take the shape of vicious cycles which prove to be draining, dreadfully perpetual and ever-more-convincing for everyone involved. Bullies engage in cycles of abuse with their victims and in power struggles with any rescuers of their victims. The rescuers and victims get entangled in commiseration. Each take a position against the others' positions and dish out disrespect. Each makes a thing of being right so as to make the others wrong.

Drama triangles persist endlessly. They cannot redeem themselves from their misery, heavy burdens and endless guilt. All the evidence produced by these interactions necessitates further drama. There's no way out while living in fear of more hostilities, contempt and dread. The fears become prophetic and show up as living proof of how accurate, realistic and reliable those particular fears really are.

Drama triangles are very tempting to join in, take sides and fuel the false ambitions. They bait our sense to be partially helpful, make the noble sacrifice of an admirable martyr and feed the problems with our "do-gooder" conceits. Drama triangles bring out our worst inclinations if we've not cleaned up the dark residue from painful episodes in our own lives. They invite us to step off of our solid ground onto the shaky ground of who said what to whom and what's wrong with the other players. Redeemers refuse these temptations and proceed with an inner sense of direction and self respect.

Redeemers bring a soulful presence to these soulless torments. They introduce a harmless, yet cunning, approach to the situation. They restore a sense of what's really happening in spirit amidst these dispirited illusions. They see through the presenting problems to the underlying solutions, opportunities and transformations. They provide visionary leadership to those who are wallowing in their regrettable loss of mission, purpose and direction.

Drama triangles disappear in the presence of a redeemer. The players in the drama no longer stand their ground when the foundation for all the interactions gets transformed. The convincing evidence is called into question from a different premise. The basis for jumping to the same conclusions is dismissed. The ways the other people are seen gets cast in a different light.

Redeemers see that drama triangles are not really happening. We are already one in spirit and totally in love with each other. Nothing needs to be different from what's already occurring behind the scenes in love forever. These hostilities cannot be true or regarded as legitimate with such deep common interests and connections beyond the limits of life spans. The obvious misunderstandings need to be cleared up by how deeply we all understand what we're really here to experience amidst such illusions. The evil at work needs to be put out of business by our shared intention to find freedom in every moment. The benign background of eternity needs to come to the fore and enter into the tormented experiences of the captivated players.

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