A lesson to us all

Each of us is living a life that is a lesson to us all. We can look upon each other and see what to replicate and what to dismiss. The way other lives appears to us can show us a lot about our freedom in our immediate situation. We can learn to tell the difference between captivity and liberation. We can see a way out of whatever traps us into more of the same old story.

Each of us is getting offered gifts from another of us. Some of these are gifts of gloom, fear, guilt or anger. Some of these are gifts of permission, acceptance, validation and peace. We can watch for what comes of accepting any particular gift. We can also observe what happens to the giver of each gift. How is justice served? What comes back to haunt or bless the giver? What comes about in subsequent occurrences that reflect what was given in the first place?

Each of us is getting results. Some of these results are unfortunate. Others results appear to be delightful and worth exploring deeper. We can wonder where those results came from? What brought about that outcome: how they were feeling, what they were seeing or which gift they were giving? When we see misfortune, are we doing the same and can we learn from their mistakes? When we see delightful results, can we replicate that in our own lives?

Each of us is learning all the time. Some of us are dreading what we are being taught as if it's a cause to feel more fear and guilt. Others love to learn from everything that happens as if the learning is a source of expanding freedom. When we learn from each other like we are lessons to us all, we are close to seeing perfection in everything that happens.

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