Presence of soul

We are one in spirit and each a one-of-a-kind in our souls. When we offer the world the presence of our souls, we appear as misfits. Our uniqueness makes us defy conformity pressures. We cannot be like others expect because we feel we have to be true to ourselves. We feel our inner nature deeply and the compulsion to live our truth.

When we are being true to our souls, we get along easily with other authentic beings. We have a keen sense of shared commitment to our uniqueness that gives us implicit permission to persist in our deviance from conformity. We both feel oriented by our inner-directedness and self confidence, instead of the usual human emotions (hatred, anger, envy, self pity). Our apparent freedom from approval seeking, people pleasing and neediness for others -- makes is easy to live passionately in each moment. Our desires lead to deeply satisfying experiences with a freshness that defies categorization.

Meanwhile, inauthentic beings cannot relate to us, understand us, learn from us or trust our inner guidance. We appear to be poorly adapted, unrealistic and unresponsive. Those who have "gained the world but lost their soul" or joined a self-replicating system of abuse, are living in fear of being deviant. They are haunted by anxieties, paranoid scenarios and past episodes in their lives. Their desires lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment, self-doubts and desperation. The presence of soul in another shows up as their worst nightmare. This evidence of "lived uniqueness" reveals what they are passing up, excluding with a vengeance and opposing with their rigid opinions. They cannot handle their own souls' demands and inclinations. They blame the deviants in their face for "making them feel" inadequate.

Offering our presence of soul shows others how to stand on solid ground and be true to themselves. The self-respect we found within tells others to feel the same about their unique way to deviate. We show what's it like to love ourselves, trust our inner guidance and go with our own flow. We give each other the space and freedom to deviate as I'm doing with you right now.

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