Foreseeing the forerunners

I'm finding it helpful to make a distinction between eruptive and disruptive innovators as I explore a possible transformation of school work. When we deeply commit to providing services to a demographic that is not currently served by incumbent providers, we naturally take our minds off the disruption. We create a new commercial system regardless of its effects on incumbents. We're not encumbered by the incumbents. We simply become eruptive with new value, effects and secondary benefits. We only need to respond to the "non-consumers" different needs, values, priorities and intentions which are already separated from the existing commercial system.

Here's the parameters I foresee serving which characterize those forerunners of the emergent economy (note they are described free of categorical labels):
  1. Walk with me, talk with me: If it's in print, it's old news. Content is lifeless even if it's digitized and accessible 24/7. Up-to-date information is conversational. If it's interactive, it's fresh and exciting. If we're still talking about it, it's changing and lively. Show me something about it I cannot see for myself.
  2. Give me something I can read: Give me highlights, headlines, bullet points. Give it to me in snippets, sound-bites or clips. Format what you've got to say so it looks like search results or package labels. Better yet, convert it to social media so I can listen to it, watch it, link to it, share it, embed it on one of my pages or mash it up in one of my projects.
  3. Whatever, it's only an experience: It's something that happens sometimes. It depends on how you spin it and set me up to hear it. Tell whatever story you want to about it. It's a mystery to me. I'm checking it out while it holds me in suspense. It might surprise me if it's not predictable, boring and stale.
  4. I'm not there yet: This is a continuing work-in-progress. I'm still exploring and finding answers. It don't have it figured out yet and don't expect to anytime soon. This still fascinates me and gives me lots ways to discover what really works for me. I'm creating a deeper understanding of this by playing around with it.
  5. Find the loopholes: If the system is cheating you, find a way to take advantage of the situation. If it's a stupid game to play, don't get played for a fool. Change avatars to infiltrate the scam and overthrow the oppression. Disguise yourself as an ally to get inside and get even.
  6. Give back to the community: Contribute to the good of the whole. Act like we're here for each other. Make a difference in other lives. Care for others before expecting anyone to care about you. Learn about yourself by giving with no strings attached.
  7. Use you brain: Chill out so you can think clearly. Give it a rest and get some rest. Give you mind a chance of come up with the answer. Work with the way you brain works for a change. Get some distance from worry warts, drama queens and pity parties. Don't shortchange your health for the sake of a buck, diploma or free prize inside.
When school work is designed for this demographic profile, a new approach erupts. It may disrupt classroom delivery systems in time without aiming to have that effect. It serves dropouts very effectively in the meantime.

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